Good Vibes Metaphysical Room and Body Spray

Good Vibes Metaphysical Room and Body Spray

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Our metaphysical spray you to gives you the power to send energy to places you want.  We combined a musky, warm, sexy scent with the metaphysical power of stones which are embedded within the spray bottle.  

Made from organic materials, feel free to spray yourself or any space you want to heighten its awareness.

The scent is a  hint of sandlewood, a touch of cinnamon, and a light floral note. 

Use it on your body or to empower your space. 

Trust me.  You are going to love this!

 Stones Powers

Turquoise for wisdom, protection and communicaiton.

Rose Quartz for love, compassion and maternal instincts.

 Amethyst for insight, intuition and removal of craving.